auticon goes Retro

We hired some retro gaming equipment for our last employee social and made a video

This month we brought the entire team together at our WeWork office for an employee social event. auticon CEO Ray had the brilliant idea to rent some retro gaming equipment!

Our new friend George from JoyPad provided us with a whole range of retro consoles, old school TV screens and an extremely comprehensive games library to choose from. Office Manager Franzi and COO Viola sorted out beers and pizza as neither should be missing on such a fun evening.

After a short catch up with Ray, who brought the team up to speed on all the exciting things coming up at auticon, everyone threw themselves into action, playing Super Mario, Tetris, Pacman or using the NES Zapper to shoot virtual ducks – so much fun.


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“Joypad was born out of their enduring love of retro gaming. Like everyone who played these games as a kid, they remembered them with a heady mixture of exhilaration and frustration: the highs and lows experienced as we swung between defeat and triumph.

… But they wanted more than just the memories. They wanted to bring back the real feeling of those spine-tingling thrills and that youthful enthusiasm – to transform a misty-eyed sense of nostalgia into rediscovery, excitement and a newfound enjoyment of these classic games. To rekindle the camaraderie, the passion, the familiar jokes and the cheering support, and to create a space where you can lose yourself in pure amusement and uninhibited delight.”

After hours of gaming, some of us decided to dive into Spitalfields nightlife and moved on to a bar near our office.

We are incredibly proud to have such an exceptional team of consultants and back office staff. It is always such a pleasure to have all of them together in one place. What a great afternoon/evening – bring on the next staff social.

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Photos and video by RWP Media, which we warmly recommend: https://www.rwp.media/

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