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auticon at the forefront of UK social enterprise

This week, Social Enterprise UK published its 2017 State of Social Enterprise Report – featuring auticon as a best practice example. auticon CEO Ray Coyle attended the launch in Westminster together with other influencers of the UK #socent scene and came back with one clear message: Social enterprise is alive, well, growing and thriving in the UK.

The report titled ‚The Future of Business: State of Social Enterprise Survey 2017‘ draws on research conducted throughout the past year and neatly depicts the social enterprise landscape across the UK. The publication, supported by Santander bank, dedicates an entire page to auticon and its unique business model.

As a proud member of SEUK, we are delighted that our business model is being recognised as trailblazing not only in terms of the social value we deliver to our employees and beyond, but also in terms of the strong business case we present to our clients.

“The 2017 State of Social Enterprise Report, is the largest, most representative survey of social enterprises in the UK. It shows a commercially resilient sector outperforming mainstream SMEs when it comes to turnover growth, innovation, business optimism, start-up rates, diversity in leadership and more. It points towards the Future of Business.”

We continue to strongly encourage everyone: Buy Social!


Click here to read the State of Social Enterprise Report 2017.

Source: SEUK

About auticon

auticon is an award-winning IT consulting business. All auticon consultants are on the autism spectrum. We pride ourselves in creating autism-positive work environments as well as delivering outstanding quality to our clients.

Interested in working with one of our unique IT experts? Please contact info@auticon.co.uk.

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